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2016 marks the 25th edition of the publication, and with the Premier League set to embark on its 25th season, it seems natural to reflect on the unprecedented change and development in the game since we first published the Annual Review of Football Finance in 1992.

The incredible pace of revenue growth over this period is best encapsulated by the following statistic: By half-time of the second Premier League game that is televised domestically in 2016/17, more broadcast revenue will have been generated than by all the First Division matches combined 25 years ago.

Key findings.

-Combined revenues of the ‘big five’ European leagues were €12 billion in 2014/15 as four of the ‘big five’ leagues recorded revenue growth
-On average 89% of additional revenue generated by the ‘big five’ European leagues in 2014/15 was spent on wage costs
-We expect the European football market will exceed €25 billion in 2016/17
-In 2014/15, Premier League clubs generated revenue of £3.3 billion; up 3% on 2013/14 as for the first time, the Premier leads the football world in all three key revenue categories
-Premier League clubs’ wage costs increased by 7% to exceed £2 billion for the first time
-Premier League clubs recorded a second consecutive year of overall profitability for the first time this century
-We project that Premier League clubs’ revenues will grow by over 20% in 2016/17, to over £4.3 billion. 
-Premier League clubs are likely to spend over £1 billion in the 2016 summer transfer window
Aggregate attendances for Premier League and Football League matches reached 30m in the 2015/16 season

You can find out more information by downloading the report

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