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Contro il calcio moderno, verso la nascita del City of Liverpool FC(LINK). LINK campaign

In an age of offshore billionaire owners, millionaire players and match tickets hard to come by, let alone afford, City of Liverpool Football Club has been formed as a community owned club for and by the people of Liverpool.

The club exists to represent the city's social, cultural and civic identity, providing accessible and affordable football for the whole community and a platform for the city's footballers to progress and thrive upon.

We don't seek rich investors or corporate sponsors looking to exploit our supporters. The club is financed entirely through the efforts of its co-owners, supporters who each own a single voting share, and our COLlaborate members - businesses creating social value through working with our club and with our community partners.

The club is launching this Development Fund as we seek to build upon a start to life in senior non-league football that has seen us exceed all targets both on and off the pitch.

The challenge now is to reach new targets - targets that include improving our facilities for supporters, ensuring that our teams have the best chance of success on the pitch and progressing towards building a ground of our own within the Liverpool city boundaries - our Liverpool home.

Realising our ambitions means hard work, volunteer time and money. Every contribution, of time or money, is valued currency. The club's volunteer army works tirelessly to ensure the City of Liverpool FC continues to develop and that our unique match days pass off safely and smoothly for the large crowds that attend.

The Development Fund is looking to match this volunteer time with cash contributions to cover the multitude of incidental expenses and unforeseen costs that crop up on an almost daily basis. Every single penny counts and every single donation will be valued.

Support your city, please support City of Liverpool FC. LINK campaign
Become a co-owner: www.colfc.co.uk/memberships Follow: @CityofLpoolFC

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