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Erik Samuelson on a great month for AFC Wimbledon by AFC Wimbledon TV. Chief Executive talks about partnership with Southfields Academy(LINK article).

“We have been working together for some time now with Southfields Academy and this is the next exciting development.

“Scholars from our club will be doing a BTEC as part of their education and obviously learning football skills. This is what modern football clubs do and we are doing it too.

“Even though I think we are better than many clubs at it, there are a significant number of boys who are not going to make it to the first-team and we have to make sure they are adequately educated. They have to be taught values and brought up in the right environment so that when they move on they are better fitted for the world.

“That’s an important part of our role and the academy team, led by Jeremy Sauer, are excellent at it.
“I lived about half a mile from here for ages and I never realised what a phenomenal place it is. It has great facilities. We’ve had a good month with the launch of this partnership and the Secretary of State making the right decision about the new stadium.”

Academy Manager Jeremy Sauer and Under-18 Manager Mark Robinson interviewed

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