» » » » » » » New Sky Blue Trust chairman wants fans to have stake in Coventry City #SISUout (Video)

Sky Blue Trust chairman Moz Baker Speaking to the Telegraph following his election(LINK):

“One of the core values of the Trust is that there should be a fan stake in the running of the club.

“I think it would be a better thing for Coventry City if fans were involved and we would like that to happen.”

“One priority is that we have called on the owners (London hedge fund Sisu) to put the club up for sale and we’ll be pressing that.

“We want the club to get itself sorted. We want issues such as where they will be playing, what is happening with the Academy and the future of the training ground resolved.

“We’re not simply a protest group and we’re happy to talk to all the parties involved to help to do that.

“We feel we have an important part to play and we represent a lot of supporters who rely on us.”

“We want the Trust to be recognised as the largest supporters’ group in the city.

“We represent an awful lot of fans and I want those people to be able to come to us with their points of view and for us to put it to the people running the club directly.” #SISUOUT protest LINK

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