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Dopo la marcia di protesta del mese di Novembre con i tifosi del Balckpool FC(qui Video e dettagli) il Leyton Orient Fans' Trust(LOFT), il Supporters' Trust del Leyton Orient FC, torna a contestare l'operato del controverso proprietario del club inglese, e dell'emittente TV Agon Channel con sede in Albania, Francesco Becchetti, invocando la cessione della società.

I tifosi a due mesi della prima contestazione tornano a sottolineare la criticità della situazione societaria, con circa 10 milioni di debiti accumulati con le società collegate a Becchetti, e la totale mancanza di un piano concreto di rilancio del club che prosegue nel non ascoltare le istanze dei supporters.

L'associazione di tifosi, in attesa del prossimo meeting del board della società dove verranno formalizzate le contestazioni, si è detta pronta per gli scenari peggiori ed è già attivamente alla ricerca di possibili nuovi investitori credibili per il Leyton Orient.
Il comunicato da leytonorientfanstrust.com

Time for Becchetti to sell up

The Leyton Orient Fans' Trust (LOFT) is calling for the owner of Leyton Orient Football Club, Francesco Becchetti, to do what's best for the club's future – put it up for sale.

LOFT organised a
protest just over a month ago, calling for Becchetti to either commit to changing the way he runs the club, or to put the club up for sale. His reaction has been to withdraw from sight and to seemingly give up on the club. This contrasts completely with his various statements in the past on his "passion" at helping Orient succeed; indeed, we are now a million miles away from his statements when taking over the club, just two and a half years ago:

"I am already envisioning a Championship club... I am focused on our project and I think that if our project is strong and everything is properly planned everything will happen naturally."

He also said at the time that it "was difficult to find a team whose accounts are in order – we did not want to settle other peoples' debts" – and yet the club is now saddled with an eye-watering debt of around £10m to other companies in his group.

It is clear now that Becchetti's "project" has not worked out, and that his ownership is now a hindrance to the wellbeing of the playing side of the club. That Jay Simpson is yet again 'unavailable' for selection appears to show that the manager still does not have full control of team affairs.

LOFT called for, among other things, a manager who is allowed to do his job unhindered, and a sensible and consistent transfer and wages policy with the manager having the last word on transfers. Instead it appears that Andy Edwards' hands are being tied and that he is being prevented from doing all that's sensibly possible to retain the club's League status.

Since Becchetti still refuses to hold a shareholders' meeting, to meet with LOFT or any other supporter representatives to seek a better way forward under his ownership, or to give any indication at all that he remains committed to his "project" at Leyton Orient, it is time for him to do what's best for the club; formally put it up for sale, to give the club every possible chance of survival, let alone progress.

Meanwhile, LOFT continues to
plan for worst case scenarios, and we stand ready to work with any potential club buyers on matters where we can assist. We will update all supporters as soon as we can on any developments, and will report to and consult with members in due course.

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