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Partono le attività della West Ham United Independent Supporters Association(WHUISA)(LINK) che da qualche giorno ha attivato il proprio spazio web, all'indirizzo whuisa.org, con le informazioni, statuto e missione, e da cui è possibile aderire all'associazione di tifosi del West Ham United FC(qui dettagli).

Il gruppo, seguendo la classica tradizione dei Supporters' Trust inglesi(LINK), ha lo scopo di portare la voce dei tifosi degli Hammers, attraverso un'entità associativa indipendente e democratica, ai principali soggetti che ruotano intorno al West Ham United FC:

-proprietà, board e istituzioni sportive,

-le principali organizzazioni di tifosi(Supporters Direct(SD) e la Football Supporters Federation(FSF))

-l'amministrazione locale, autorità di sicurezza

Con la partenza della WHUISA tutti i club della massima divisione inglese hanno ora un'associazione di tifosi formalmente attiva e riconosciuta.

Democratic, fully independent and self-funding structure through which all West Ham fans can voice their opinions without censure on matters that are important to us as well as express their support of our Club.

WHUISA is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation run by the fans for fans. We believe that by coming together under a single banner the myriad of opinion / views from all our fan base especially at this crucial time in our history we can move forward together as a strong group with a real mandate from you the fans to have a pivotal influence through frank and open channels of communication, based on mutual respect and accountability, with our Club, its owners, the board and Stadium / 3rd party operators. We aim to work tirelessly to achieve this.

With honesty and integrity we aim to represent and campaign with West Ham Supporters Clubs across the British Isles and with our overseas fans whom we admire greatly for supporting the Hammers thus giving a voice to those who would otherwise be excluded from any decision or consultation processes.

In promoting your views on the club to the relevant football bodies’, government departments and broadcast media at national and international levels we will also work alongside numerous West Ham websites / forums / social media as well as other supporter representation organisations and national organisations such as the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) with whom we are an affiliate member and Supporters Direct (SD).

We will also look to work closely with the local community we have moved into to provide a strong foundation for our new home.

We wish to establish a positive and effective relationship with West Ham United Football Club. To help us succeed in putting your views forward we need as many West Ham fans as possible to join and be involved with us.

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