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Possibile nuovo ritardo per l'approvazione finale del progetto dello nuovo stadio del Community Club AFC Wimbledon(qui dettagli) a causa dei rilievi sollevati dalla commissione 'Historic Buildings and Monuments for England'(Historic England) sull'area dove dovrebbe sorgere il nuovo impianto che rischiano di frenare nuovamente l'iter travagliato.

La commissione ha rilevato il possibile interesse storico/architettonico del vecchio Greyhound Stadium ma il club nell'appello alla mobilitazione dei tifosi, chiamati a far sentire la propria voce all'ente pubblico con un form online messo a disposizione dai promotori della campagna 'Bring The Dons Home'(LINK), sottolinea come in un precedente report(LINK) la stessa commissione non avesse ritenuto l'area d'interesse rilevante.

Il comunicato da afcwimbledon.co.uk di quella che si spera possa essere l'ultima mobilitazione necessaria verso la realizzazione del nuovo stadio dei Dons, dopo quasi un anno di rimpalli e ritardi per i permessi.
Your support matters - make a submission to take us home

The club and supporters’ action group Bring The Dons Home are asking all fans to  write once more  in support of the club’s stadium plans.

As fans may already have been aware, Historic England have been asked to consider again whether any existing elements of the current greyhound stadium should be listed or preserved. They had previously ruled that the site was not of historic or architectural interest, which can be found in this  report .

Bring the Dons Home spokesman Charlie Talbot explained: “I know we said the secretary of state writing campaign was the last one, but this time we really mean it! We do not think there is any significant merit in the proposed case for preserving what remains of the stadium in its current state of disrepair. We would therefore urge all fans and anyone who wants to see the area regenerated as a significant community asset to  submit their view to Historic England .”

Chief executive Erik Samuelson added: “We respect the process that must be gone through in order for Historic England and all relevant bodies to be satisfied that nothing of historic and architectural interest will be lost as a result of our plans to redevelop Plough Lane. That said, we are also keen to avoid further delays to this project which we believe is both vital to our future as a football club and will be an enormous benefit to Merton. We would like to thank BTDH for setting up this latest writing campaign and encourage all fans to  write in  and circulate the call for submissions in support as widely as possible.”

The closing date for submissions is the 27th February but fans are urged to  write as soon as possible .

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