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Ask your MP to attend the "Governance of the Football Association" debate on 9th february 

On 9th February a debate will take place in Parliament on the subject of how football is run and we need football fans to persuade as many MPs as possible to attend and support the motion:

That this House has no confidence in the ability of the Football Association (FA) to comply fully with its duties as a governing body, as the current governance structures of the FA make it impossible for the organisation to reform itself; and calls on the Government to bring forward legislative proposals to reform the governance of the FA.

The debate has been initiated by a cross party Committee of MP’s led by Damian Collins, and is intended to put pressure on the Government to intervene to reform how the game is run. Time and time again, the FA has failed to reform itself and this debate offers a major opportunity to make that happen. Most of all, we believe that supporters should have a much stronger voice when decisions are made about the game. At the moment there is just one supporter representative on the FA Council of more than 100 people.

In order to put pressure on the Government and the FA, we need as many MPs as possible to attend the debate on 9th Feb. Please click on the TAKE PART button to message your MP.

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