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Interessante seminario gratuito del Birkbeck Sport Business Centre il 27 Febbraio 2017, che sarà possibile seguire in livestream(qui Info), che affronterà con il presidente dello Swans Trust, Phil Sumbler, la storia dell'associazione di tifosi degli Swans dal salvataggio del club(qui dettagli) alla Premier League in 'From Graveyard to Ambition - Swansea FC & The Swansea FC Supporters Trust'.

A seminar as part of the Birkbeck Sport Business Centre Public Seminar Series
Given by: Phil Sumbler. LINK
Attendance at the event is free but you need TO REGISTER. Please note this seminar will be livestreamed - please register for a livestream ticket to receive a link to the stream on the day of the seminar.

Swansea City was hailed as a model club for more than ten years. From a club that was almost down and out back in 2001, a group of fans – the Swans Trust – galvanised the city and worked hand in hand with local businessmen to lift the club from the bottom of the football league in 2003 to the Premier League and Europe by 2013.

There seemed little that could go wrong until the riches of the Premier League took hold and the ownership of the club changed hands and the model that had succeeded so often against the odds appeared to be exposed with the club seemingly at odds with its fans and the team struggling on the pitch.

In this presentation Phil Sumbler, Chairman of the Swans Trust and author of the book “From Graveyard to Ambition – the official history of the Swans Trust”, will discuss how the model was pieced together and how, after many years in the doldrums, the city rallied behind their football team to compete against all the odds in the money driven world of the Premier League.

He will then outline how the environment at Swansea City FC has changed in the past twelve months and the new challenges faced by the Swans Trust – owners of more than 21% of the football club – in working with new owners without any links to Swansea City FC or the city of Swansea, “… and all that after watching the ownership of the club change hands behind their backs by people they had worked so closely with over time”.

The Swansea City FC story is a classic rags-to-riches tale in a world dominated more and more by non-local ownership and a view of how fans can play a part in that world.

Phil will conclude by speculating what the implications are of Swansea’s experience for the wider supporter ownership movement in the UK going forward.

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