E' stata presentata ufficialmente Sabato 25 marzo, dopo la sconfitta nel match interno contro il Mansfield Town, la missione della nuova associazione di tifosi del Morecambe FC, lo Shrimps Trust, che nasce per creare una rappresentanza democratica e aperta dei supporters del club locale. Il gruppo promotore nel corso della serata ha messo in evidenza quelli che saranno i punti chiave dell'attività del nuovo collettivo nella promozione del dialogo tra la base dei supporters, il club e i principali soggetti della comunità locale e sportiva.

La costituzione ufficiale arriva dopo un percorso di consultazione con la base dei supporters e i con principali esperti di esperienze simili, oltre 150 in tutto il Regno Unito, intervenuti negli open meeting organizzati nei mesi scorsi da parte del gruppo promotore Fans' Club Morecambe(qui dettagli e podcast).
The Shrimps Trust - Our Vision shrimpstrust.co.uk

To help, maintain & support the presence of an outstanding, sustainable & modern professional football club in the town of Morecambe by being the democratic and representative voice of the supporters of the club who, through its actions, strengthen the bonds between the club, the fans, and the communities it serves.

The Trust will fulfil the Vision by:

1. Selflessly representing the interests & needs of all Shrimps Trust members & the wider fan base.

2. Strengthening the links between the company, the Club, its supporters, the community & local businesses through responsible engagement.

3. By maintaining an honest, positive & respectful dialogue with the owners & directors of the company and the staff of Morecambe FC, & supporting the aims & objectives of the company where, in the opinion of the Trustees & its members, these are not in direct conflict with the needs and best interests of supporters

4. Raising funds to help maximise the supporter experience & preserve the vision of Morecambe Football Club.

5. Encouraging the company to provide value for money services and improve service standards for its customers.

6. Communicating clearly, simply & effectively with all members & keeping them & all supporters informed of the Trust's activities. As well as representing the interests of supporters in the media and wider community.

7. Looking to the future but not forgetting our past by celebrating our proud heritage.

8. Support the JB Christie Trust in its important role in preserving the future of Morecambe Football Club.

9. Operating democratically, fairly, sustainably, transparently, and with financial responsibility and encouraging the Club to do the same.

10. Actively promoting the potential of Morecambe Football Club as broadly as possible so that it attracts the very best people - to run the Club or the company - or play for the team.

11. Being a positive, inclusive & representative organisation, open & accessible to all supporters of the Club regardless of their age, income, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality or religious or moral belief and that they shall not be disadvantaged by the Trust or Club.

12. Seeking & maintaining friendly relationships with supporters of other football clubs through contributing, learning & engaging with the national organisations of fans and other Supporters Trusts.

13. Showing our commitment to the Trust movement and aiming to be a leading positive example of the Trust model.

14. Not seeking confrontation but being challenging where required.

15. Nurturing talent and work as a team to deliver our objectives.

16. Ensuring sound financial and professional governance of the Trust.

17. Investing in the Shrimps Trust and increasing and retaining its membership.

18. Encouraging members to stand for election to our board of Trustees.

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