» » » » » » » » » Cardiff Met FC - There's another big football club in Cardiff with a remarkable story and their own band of 'Ultras'(Video)

Cardiff Met FC isn't your average university football team. Most university football teams don't compete in a semi-professional division — the Welsh Premier League to be precise.
Most university football teams don't lock horns with gnarled veterans of the lower leagues every week — and win.

Most university football teams certainly don't have a group of Ultras, complete with an inventive catalogue of songs, flags — and a drum.

But then Cardiff Met have outgrown the definition of a "university football team". They're no longer 11 lads from uni, cobbled together from whoever-is-sober-enough-to-play; this is a real club with a real soul and real fans. Real ambitions, too. LINK article

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