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Blackpool FC | Judgement Day 3  #OystonOut #JD3(Video- TRAILER) by Blackpool Fan TV. On May 6th, Blackpool will play host to Judgement Day 3, a mass protest and march to demonstrate against the continuing ownership of the Oyston family at Blackpool and to highlight that change is needed in football governance throughout the English Football Leagues. The Football Supporters Federation are officially endorsing this action as a Fans United day and representatives from all 92 League clubs as well as non league clubs will be joining Blackpool fans in making our voices heard.

The march will begin opposite the Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach , continue along the Promenade and finish outside the West Stand at Blackpool FC. 

There will be a variety of banners and placards available but we encourage everyone to be creative and to come with your own ideas, fancy dress etc. The theme this year will be a timeline of the Oystons’ ownership, so plenty of scope for ideas reflecting events during a 30 year period !
Fans of other clubs are asked to wear club colours and we are expecting support from ex players, local celebrities and a host of media. The FSF will be promoting this event and it will be a high profile opportunity for football fans to show owners and football authorities that football fans have had enough; it is OUR game and we want it back.

Last year 4000 came out for Judgement Day 2 but had to be started at 10am due to an early kick off time which put off a lot of our exiled fans from attending, this year it is a 4pm start. With 40% of our fanbase being exiled we are expecting thousands of extra fans to come home for the event. Couple this with hundreds of Leyton Orient fans marching with us due to their off the field problems and 6000+ is a very achievable figure.

Karl Oyston stated on Radio Lancashire that we are now small in numbers and called us a 'busted flush' Lets show him we massively outnumber the few paying customers he has left.


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