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La Football Supporters Europe ha pubblicato il programma con i temi che saranno affrontati nel corso degli workshop che si svolgeranno nell'ambito del 9 ° Congresso dei tifosi di calcio europei #EFFC2017 che si terrà dal 6 al 9 luglio a Gent e Lokeren, Belgio(qui dettagli).

Together with our local partners, we have now finalized the list of workshops and plenary sessions for this year’s European Football Fans Congress (#EFFC2017). da: fanseurope.org

#EFFC2017 will take place in Gent and Lokeren (Belgium) from 6 to 9 July.

-Away Fans at European Competitions
-Football & Refugees: a practitioner’s perspective
-Council of Europe Convention on safety, security and service approach at football matches
-Alternative approaches to pyrotechnics
-Fan.tastic Females Exhibition
-Accountability in Football: how supporters can contribute

-Supporters, terrorism and states of emergency
-Safe standing

Furthermore there will be network meetings and our Biennial General Meeting, including the elections of the FSE Committee and the Cash Auditors. And don’t you miss our opening get-together at the beach of Blaarmeersen in Gent as well as our social events in the evenings.


NB: This is not a final programme, it´s a draft. List of speakers and final timeline will be published shortly.

from 17:30 @ BLAARMEERSEN
Opening get-together at the beach

10:30 – 12:30 – #EFFC WORKSHOPS SESSION #1:
• WS 1: Away Fans at European Competitions

MODERATION: Matthijs Keuning (Supporterscollectief Nederland)
Football fans travelling to European competitions are facing multiple challenges: travel arrangements, visa requirements, heterogeneous security requirements, etc.
FSE has been working for years on facilitating the travel conditions in UEFA competitions, advocating for the implementation of similar safety, security and services standards in the whole region. But many challenges remain, and FSE is inviting fans who are regularly traveling abroad to join this workshop in order to discuss the most pressing issues, but also draw good practices on the basis of past experiences. Ultimately, it aims at drawing FSE’s future policy on the topic, both at European and domestic level.

• WS 2: Football & Refugees: a practitioner’s perspective
MODERATION: Martino Simcik (Copa 90 & Clapton Ultras)
Over the past years, fans have been playing a key role in welcoming and supporting refugees.
Through solidarity actions or the inclusion of refugees via football, supporters accompanied the mobilisation of the civil society in many European countries.
During these years, multiple initiatives have grown around football. Fans and other football stakeholders have developed several forms of expertise that could help accompanying similar initiatives and play a key role in raising awareness on the importance of football in the construction of an inclusive society.
This workshop aims at presenting initiatives in this field and draw good practices from various experiences from all over Europe. It will also help groups and individuals willing to get involved in supporting refugees by giving them the possibility to exchange views with experts.
12:30 – 13:30 – LUNCH
13:30 – 15:30 – #EFFC WORKSHOPS SESSION #2:

• WS 3: Council of Europe Convention on safety, security and service approach at football matches
The Council of Europe Convention is open to signatures since 03 July 2016.
This convention aims to ensure a safe and welcoming environment in stadiums and provides measures regarding safety (quality of infrastructures, emergency and contingency plans), security (prevention of and sanctions against violence) and service (spectator facilities and quality of service). Due to its complexity, the content of the new Convention and the associated recommendations remain widely unknown by fan activists and other stakeholders in football. This workshop aims at presenting it to the #EFFC2017 participants, giving them the opportunity to take ownership of the recommendations it contains and use it for policy-making, lobbying or campaigning purposes in their respective countries.

• WS 4: Alternative approaches to pyrotechnics
The use of pyrotechnics in football stadia has long been seen as an unsolvable problem between fans and all other stakeholders of the beautiful game.
While deeply rooted into the fan culture of most European countries, the use of pyrotechnics raises severe concerns on the side of clubs, football institutions and public authorities. Recent developments in Norway, Denmark or the US have shown that alternative policies can allow clubs and fans to conciliate fan culture and security requirements. Elsewhere in Europe, the lack of cooperation between fans and other stakeholders is having a negative impact on the development of alternative solutions and even fan dialogue as a whole. This workshop aims at discussing good practices in the development of alternatives to pyrotechnics and raise awareness on the need for all football stakeholders to build new policies on this topic.
16:00 – 18:00 – PLENARY #1: Supporters, terrorism and states of emergency
Baris Karacasu (Taraf-Der,Turkey) | Pierre Barthélemy (Adajis and ANS, France) | Kati Piri (MEP, Nederlands)| Marco Perolini (Amnesty International)
MODERATION: Alexander Bosch (Open Society Germany)
At a time when Europe is struck by terrorism to an unprecedented level, football fans have been on the forefront of the response to the current terror climate. Weather it is by losing fellow supporters, paying homage to the victims, demonstrating against terrorism or supporting refugees against the general suspicion they are placed under, the lives of many football fans and activists from all over Europe have durably been impacted by terrorism. This panel will aim at discussing the impact of anti-terror legislations and states of emergency on football fans and the threats, imposed in the name of public security, to the subsistence of organized forms of fandom in several European countries.
21:00 – PUB NIGHT

10:30 – 12:30 – FSE network meetings
• Fans’ Embassies (closed meeting, starting at 09:30)
• National supporters organisations (closed meeting)
• Fan researchers network (closed meeting)
10:30 – 12:30 – #EFFC WORKSHOPS SESSION #3

• WS 5: Fan.tastic Females Exhibition
MODERATION: Project coordination
Where there are books or interviews about a football fanbase, women are very rarely the ones telling the story.
Likewise, female fans are hardly ever in the center of any legendary fan stories. Much more often, however, the absence of women inside the stands is an issue of both positive and negative comments in football. But is this really reflecting reality?
From March 2017 onwards, FSE members are taking on a unique exhibition project: about 40 people from 14 countries will do research, interviews, take photos, write and curate to tell stories and the story of female fans in Europe. In the end, there should be a touring exhibition with portraits of different women football supporters, their networks, actions as well as female fan clubs and female sections of ultra groups from various regions across the continent. From summer 2018 onwards, the exhibition is due to go on tour in various European countries.
The project is aiming at showing the diversity of female fans inside the stands and tell their stories – about their strong, funny but also the less pleasant moments in football. And the workshop will support its implementation and the training of volunteers.

• WS 6: Accountability in Football: how supporters can contribute
Accountability and transparency have rarely been more important tenants than in football today, and supporters have a crucial role to play in holding their clubs to the highest standards.
This session will hear from supporters in Belgium and from across Europe about their respective experiences, be it fan-owed clubs, groups pushing for improvements at their own football clubs or fans looking to begin a campaign and achieve better accountability.
12:30 – 13:30 – LUNCH
13:30 – 15:30 – PLENARY #2: Safe standing
Mats Enquist (CEO Swedish League) | Pete Daikin (FSF) | Mary Dieleman (Front 282) | Michael von Praag (UEFA – TBC)
MODERATION: Christopher Pauer (Stadion Welt)
While the majority of supporters across Europe want to have the choice whether to sit or stand when attending a football match, standing at a football ground is still generally forbidden in “all-seater” stadiums due to national legislation or (international) competition regulations. These rules were introduced after a series of stadium disasters in the 1980s, most of which had nothing to do with standing. As a general consensus on the implementation of safe standing in European football is growing, this plenary session aims at discussing current trends in the development of safe standing, identifying remaining obstacles and building up recommendations for its wider implementation in Europe.
18:30 – 19:00 – ELECTION
19:00 – 20:00 – DINNER

From 13:00 on @ CAFÉ VOORUIT (GENT)
Optional get together

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