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Di seguito programma del Supporters Summit 2017 per la giornata di Sabato 1 Luglio in cui si concentreranno i dibattiti e i workshop nell'annuale week end di fine stagione, realizzato in collaborazione da Supporters Direct UK(SD) e dalla Football Supporters Federation(FSF), per una giornata di confronto tra le organizzazioni affiliate, la base degli appassionati con ospiti ed esperti dei temi che ruotano nel mondo del calcio.

A seguire le assemblee generali delle due organizzazioni di tifosi che presenteranno i risultati conseguiti nel corso dell'ultimo anno(qui e qui dettagli) e raccoglieranno indicazioni dai gruppi partecipanti, sugli argomenti e sulle problematiche più rilevanti emersi negli ultimi mesi, per poter pianificare la prossima stagione di attività.

Opening plenary: Clubs in Crisis
Supporters at several clubs are suffering at the hands of incompetent owners and in many cases the relationships between the club and the fans has broken down completely. We will hear from supporter organisations at the forefront of protests to encourage a regime change and find out how supporters have challenged the clubs and what support they want from the authorities.

Morning workshops

Preventing Child Abuse in Football, What Role Can Fans Play?
The role fans have to safeguard children participating in the game at all levels and how to create a supportive environment so that survivors feel comfortable reporting abuse.

Regulatory reform
Following on from the opening session looking at some of the problems in the game this workshop will identify where there have been regulatory failings, what could have prevented them and what we can do about it. The session will identify and debate a wide-ranging set of proposals to improve the game.

Structured Dialogue (part 1)
The first of our sessions on structured dialogue will introduce the commitments and the joint findings from SD/FSF to see how structured dialogue at club level is working after the first season. We will hear how Fulham FC are embracing this opportunity, alongside plans to develop the current obligations in the professional and non-league game.

Video Assisted Refereeing
Neale Barry, Head of Senior Referee Development at the FA and former PL and EFL ref, will provide a presentation on how video technology will assist referees in the near future. It's a great chance for fans to understand when, where and why the technology will be called upon. Neale will also be summarising rule changes for the forthcoming season.

Afternoon workshops

Away Ticket Prices in the EFL
After the success of campaigns in the Premier League how can we tackle some of the eye watering ticket prices in the EFL? Where and how should the pressure be applied and what should supporters be aiming for.

Football Finance
Leading football executive Trevor Birch will give his unique insight into football finance and how he sees the game evolving with new owners, investment and money continuing to change the landscape.

Structured Dialogue (part 2)
The second structured dialogue session will focus on those more sensitive areas of confidentiality, finance and strategy which are essential to building trust between club leaders and their supporters. We will be joined by leading sports lawyers Gateley PLC as well as former West Ham Finance Director Nick Igoe to provide practical support to supporters at the sharp end of this process.

Supporter Takeovers
We will be joined by leading figures behind the Foundation of Hearts and Big Bath Bid groups which have led Heart of Midlothian F.C. and Bath City F.C. into supporter ownership, to consider what supporters looking to follow their path can learn and their plans for the future.

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