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Finisce l'era Bechetti al Leyton Orient FC, ieri l'annuncio della positiva conclusione dell'operazione di passaggio del club dell'Est di Londra al gruppo Eagle Investments 2017 Limited, guidato da Nigel Travis, presidente e amministratore delegato della Dunkin’ Brands Inc, azienda statunitense del settore della ristorazione. Travis, di origini britanniche, è un tifoso di lungo corso del Leyton Orient e nei programmi di rilancio della società ha annunciato che ci sarà spazio per una rappresentativa dei supporters nel board del club.

I rapporti pessimi tra l'imprenditore italiano e la base del tifo non potevano non condurre a questo epilogo, dopo aver rilevato il club nel 2014 in tre anni di attività il triste traguardo di due retrocessioni e la rottura definiva nell'ultima stagione peggiorata da problemi di gestione corrente(qui dettagli).

I tifosi hanno accolto la notizia della 'liberazione' con grande entusiasmo, il Leyton Orient Fans' Trust, impegnato nei mesi scorsi nella raccolta di risorse per salvare il club(qui dettagli), ha già comunicato che è pronto ad incontrare la nuova proprietà per mettere a disposizione il 'Regeneration Fund' per contribuire nel rilancio delle ambizioni della società.

Il comunicato da leytonorientfanstrust.com

We got our club back!

The LOFT Board is delighted to welcome the news that the club has finally been sold after a tumultuous 3-year period. It has been clear for some months that the only way Leyton Orient can move forward is under new ownership, and all O's fans will now desperately want to see a regime in place that brings stability to their beloved football club.

The past 3 years have been without question the worst extended period in Leyton Orient's history. The damage inflicted on Leyton Orient by Francesco Becchetti may take years, maybe even a decade or longer, to recover from. The club must never again be laid low by such irresponsible unaccountable ownership.

The only silver lining to the very large cloud that has been the past 3 years has been the response of Orient supporters to their club being run down. The incredible backing given to the management and players in clear adversity brought to mind the fantastic atmosphere of the 2013/14 play-off season. The fans' support proved time and again that this is a special club worth saving.

The response of supporters around the world to our actions and the Regeneration Fund we set up has at times been overwhelming; and not just O's fans, as fans from other clubs made donations and sent us their best wishes. The generosity of those who gave their time and money to support our efforts and, unbidden, donated items to auction for the fund, has been almost immeasurable. We can never thank everyone enough for their support, but we'll try anyway – for now, thank you!

The Regeneration Fund was set up to help prepare for the various potential post-Becchetti scenarios. Since so many people donated so much, whether money, time or memorabilia, it is therefore only right and proper that we seek to use the money raised – over £175,000 – to help rebuild the club. We look forward to meeting Mr Travis at the earliest opportunity to discuss using the Regeneration Fund to help in the rebuilding, within the members' mandate around fan representation. The pledge of a fans' representative on the board of the football club is to be welcomed.

Now is the time for all Orient fans to unite and help move the club forward; we are all Orient 'Til We Die. The support of all fans is needed more than ever as the club faces its first season in the National League. As a democratic society with over 1,300 members, LOFT will certainly continue to play its part as it has done for the past 16 years, in representing its members to promote the long-term wellbeing of Leyton Orient Football Club.

Welcome to Kent Teague as he joins Nigel Travis at this great football club. Up the O's!

Il comunicato da leytonorient.com

Leyton Orient FC Is Under New Ownership

Leyton Orient Football Club, first established in London in 1881, today announced that it has been purchased by a business consortium Eagle Investments 2017 Limited, headed by British-born Nigel Travis, 67, the Chairman and CEO of Dunkin’ Brands Inc., and a life-long fan of the Club.

The deal, details of which are confidential, is not associated with Dunkin’ Brands, the parent company of Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins.

Travis, who has been attending Leyton Orient games since he was a child and who grew up near the stadium, says his goals are to stabilise the Club and to re-engage the fans. “I have been a passionate Leyton Orient supporter for my entire life and feel a great sense of responsibility to the players, the staff, the fans and the community. We have challenges in front of us, and I am not under-estimating those. However, over the long-term, we believe we can return the Club to the Football League, said Travis.

Francesco Becchetti said: “I invested a great deal in the Club in good faith and have delivered the Club to Nigel Travis and his consortium without any debts to the banks, without arrears for taxes and salaries and in a normal situation with its suppliers. This is a position from which it can grow. Over the last two years, I have, unfortunately, not been able to dedicate myself to following the Club as closely as I would have wanted. This is clearly the moment to leave the Club to others and I know that in doing so I am leaving it in good hands with Nigel Travis. I give my sincere best wishes to the fans and to the Club for a bright future, full of success.”

Travis will serve as the Chairman of the Leyton Orient Board of Directors.Other directors will include Principal Investor, Kent Teague from Dallas, Texas. In recognition of the fact that fan partnership is critical to the Club’s success, there will be a fan representative on the Board.
Travis and the new management groups are also working to recruit an experienced Chief Executive,who will be responsible for the day-to-day commercial management of the Club. In the interim, future consortium investor, Marshall Taylor, a local businessman and long-time Leyton Orient fan, will serve as Interim Chief Executive.

Season tickets will go on sale soon and will be priced to reflect the National League status. A fan event will be planned before the start of the new season.

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