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Improving Lives Through Football & Music | The Indie Music Cup by Copa90. The Indie Music Cup 2017 fundraising project: Rowad school, Ghouta, Syria.

Summary: As the Syrian crisis enters it’s sixth year, over 3 million children in Syria and abroad are not in school. Over 6000 schools in Syria have been destroyed or made inoperative. As a result enrolment into schools has dropped by 50%, with some of the worst affected areas such as Ghouta only having 6% of children enrolled in schools.

In areas such as Ghouta, now under siege for six years, children are the most affected victims of the crisis, many of whom are homeless, without care and without access to food. The education system in Ghouta has completely collapsed, however some learning spaces such Rowad school are run by volunteer teachers or local communities. The goal of funding Rowad school is to provide quality education, basic psychosocial support, meals and a safe space to displaced and local children.
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