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Il Community Club AFC Wimbledon lancia la nuova birra del club. In occasione del prossimo match amichevole con il Burton Albion di Venerdì 21 Luglio sarà lanciata ufficialmente la ‘Wimbledon 1889’ Lager Beer distribuita grazie ad una partnership con il birrificio locale Wimbledon Brewery che proprio in questi giorni ha festeggiato il primo anno di attività.
AFC Wimbledon launches ‘Wimbledon 1889’ Lager

AFC Wimbledon will this week launch the club’s own lager called ‘Wimbledon 1889'.
The beer is brewed by Wimbledon Brewery at its site in SW19.

The date is significant for two reasons: 1889 was the year that Wimbledon Football Club (then known as ‘Wimbledon Old Centrals’) was founded, and it was also the year that the original Tower Brewery in Wimbledon Village burned down.

Today’s Wimbledon Brewery logo features a phoenix rising from the flames of the old brewery.

Second Birthday

The present day Wimbledon Brewery celebrated its second birthday on July 15th, and founder Mark Gordon said: “We like to think that the chaps who formed Wimbledon Old Central FC in 1889 would have been very familiar with the beer produced by the original Wimbledon Brewery. They played on the Common and the Brewery Tap in the Village would have been a very convenient stop off on the way home. Jump forward 128 years of twists and turns for the club and that association between Wimbledon Football and Wimbledon Beer is stronger than ever.

“Wimbledon Brewery is very proud of its association with AFC Wimbledon. It’s a sponsorship we aim to maintain and grow for perpetuity. Both Club and Brewery have a shared history and a bright future. It’s a beautiful thing.”

All proceeds from the sale of these first 2,000 bottles will go towards the club’s running costs. The beer will enjoy its official launch at the pre-season friendly on Friday versus Burton Albion, who are appropriately enough known as ‘The Brewers’.

Ivor Heller, Commercial Director at AFC Wimbledon, added: “Plough Lane Ale has been a great success and long may it go on. Whilst we try hard to cater for our Ale drinkers we have not forgotten about those that like a top drawer lager. Wimbledon 1889 has been a project taken on by Wimbledon brewery with typical gusto. All the profits from the lager will go to AFC Wimbledon.
I would like to thank Mark and all of his team for the great work on Wimbledon 1889.  What a name!”

Wimbledon 1889 (ABV 4.8%) is a light straw-coloured lager, with a refreshing dry finish.

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