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Safe standing at football backed by government expert via Neighborhood Sport. Safe standing backed by government expert who says it's 'good for football' while many families affected by Hillsborough tragedy are in favour.

A government inspector has said there is substantial evidence that safe standing sections are good for football and can resolve the problem of fans standing up at all-seat grounds.

Rick Riding, of the Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA), told a meeting of 200 Liverpool fans on Saturday that the problems caused by fans standing in all-seat stadiums had become a ‘massive issue’ and was ‘impossible’ to police.

Celtic introduced safe standing at Parkhead when it was deemed unsafe by Glasgow council because of a failure to stop fans standing.

‘If it works well there, it should work well in other stadiums,’ Riding said.

Improved supporter safety has emerged as one of the most powerful arguments in favour of ‘rail seats’ — in which fans stand behind a barrier — ahead of a poll of Liverpool fans this week organised by the Spirit of Shankly group.

Voting began after a public meeting which revealed that many families affected by the Hillsborough tragedy are in favour.

The UK Football Policing Unit are currently against a return to safe-standing.

The result of the online ballot is keenly awaited because persuading ministers to introduce legislation needed to allow standing will be impossible without substantial Liverpool support.

The success of Celtic’s new section has been a result of the club investing in more stewards to manage 

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