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I Clapton Ultras chiamano a raccolta la comunità locale per boicottare il prossimo match casalingo del 12 Agosto contro il Waterford Town FC e a partecipare ad un incontro aperto per discutere sul futuro del club. La base del tifo da tempo chiede un passo indietro all'attuale guida della società, Vince McBean(qui dettagli), accusato di aver rotto il legame con la comunità e portato il club lontano dall'idea di calcio che per oltre cento anni ha caratterizzato il piccolo club inglese che ora vede un futuro nero alla luce degli ultimi problemi finanziari.

Il gruppo organizzato dei Clapton Ultras, assieme a Real Clapton e agli associati vita del Clapton FC, chiedono la liberazione del proprio club e l'avvio di un percorso che lo conduca sotto il controllo dei propri supporters(qui dettagli).

Il comunicato da claptonultras.org

Clapton Ultras want Clapton FC to be a fan-owned club, open to all in the community. We stand with Real Clapton and Clapton FC’s existing Life Members in their campaign to return Clapton to a fully members-owned club as per its historic constitution from its current administration, led by Vince McBean. We now believe that this is a matter of great urgency if the club is to survive, let alone thrive.

Vince McBean’s stewardship has been characterised by gross mismanagement and a lack of transparency. Most recently this saw him apply to liquidate the charity that runs the ground with debts of £200,000, despite the large and varied types of revenues generated at The Old Spotted Dog. This is currently being investigated by the Charity Commission.

Real Clapton and Clapton FC Life Members were thankfully able to put a stay on the liquidation in the High Court.

We have no confidence in Vince’s continuing control of Clapton FC and the Old Spotted Dog.
Our efforts to encourage more people into the Old Spotted Dog have been routinely undermined by Vince McBean, who has on a number of occasions used the fan base as a scapegoat to cover his own failings. Clapton fans have made a continued drive to make our games inclusive and accountable, something that cannot be said of the club’s administration.

This Saturday we will not be going into the ground and we call on all fans to join us to make a stand.

We will meet outside the ground at 1.30pm to discuss how we prevent the loss of 129 years of history in Forest Gate and how we can build a club we all want to see.
We hope to see you there.


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