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Fan Initiatives - NUST, Wor Flags, Leazes Flags, NUFC Fans Foodbank by True Faith NUFC Podcast. This week Alex speaks to the four main 'fan initaives' that exist around Newcastle United at the moment to see what drives them and how fans can get involved.

First up is the Newcastle United Supporters Trust as Colin Whittle and Peter Fanning talk us through what the Trust is all about and how and why you should help.

Wor Flags (formerly Gallowgate Flags) are the most impressive and effective flag and tiff group in England. David Farrell-Banks talks us through how the group works, their aims and how you can help.

Leazes Flags are a brand new fans group looking to create visually spectacular displays at the Leazes End. They are looking for volunteers and funding to get going and plan their first display on December 9th.

The NUFC fans food bank has been operating under a year but has already made a huge impact in the community and within the football club. Bill speaks to us about how the food bank came about and how it's grown.

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