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Il secondo aggiornamento - dedicato ai temi del Fan-engagement e 'dialogo strutturato' - prodotto dal gruppo di lavoro governativo, Football Expert Working Group, che vede la partecipazione della Football Supporters Federation(FSF), di Supporters Direct UK(SDUK) e i contributi di decine di associazioni di tifosi(Supporters trusts) del Regno Unito(qui dettagli) per concorrere alla realizzazione di nuove norme che incentivino e promuovano forme di dialogo e cooperazione tra le tifoserie, i club di riferimento e le istituzioni sportive(qui dettagli).

Il percorso condiviso tra le rappresentative dei tifosi e il Governo è partito nel 2014(qui dettagli) e ha condotto ad una serie di raccomandazioni(qui dettagli) che stanno trovando nel tempo una graduale applicazione da parte delle federazioni nazionali sui temi:

-Club Supporter Engagement

-Structured dialogue between fans and the football authorities  

-Supporters on club boards

-Owners and Directors Test (ODT)

-Football Association (FA) Reform changes

-Insolvency and assistance to supporters’ trusts to bid for club ownership

-Government to review tax relief schemes

Nel secondo aggiornamento viene dedicata una particolare sezione, Supporter Engagement at Premier League Clubs(LINK), incentrata sull'analisi club per club degli strumenti messi in atto per sviluppare percorsi di 'dialogo strutturato' con la base della tifoseria sulla necessità di una maggiore trasparenza e coinvolgendo i supporters in molteplici aspetti delle strategie societarie.

Le nuove misure di Fan-engagement e 'dialogostrutturato'(qui approfondimento e Video1,Video2) sono state implementate dalla scorsa stagione 2016/17, su impulso della Permier League, come risultato di un più ampio percorso di cooperazione che ha compreso istituzioni sportive e amministrative al tavolo con le rappresentative dei tifosi(qui dettagli)


Overall, we are appreciative of the efforts that clubs have made to engage better with their supporters, with the League's reporting on how their clubs are increasingly seeing the positive benefits this brings.  We are especially keen to build on the momentum gained from the first year of this formal arrangement, and to recognise those clubs that both the League and the supporter organisations tell us are among the best in this area.

As the supporter organisations survey results shows, we recognise that there is room for improvement in the interaction between club owners and supporters.  As the EWG did, we understand that there is not a one size fits all approach and that fans appetite for specific information, and to discuss certain issues, will vary from club to club, but that the general principle that senior club executives/owners are open to discussing the issues and understanding the views that are important to fans should always apply.

To this end, we would like to see greater evidence of where clubs and supporters are working in partnership to agree the items of discussion for the structured dialogue meetings, and where there are gaps in knowledge, that clubs make all reasonable efforts to share this information.  We refer to the guidance that the EFL has provided to their clubs on what information might be shared with supporters that met the commitments given at the EWG.  It states as follows:

“Ahead of the supporter engagement sessions, clubs may receive requests from attendees to share information relating to the running of the club.  “It will be for each club to consider each request on its merits as there is no specific requirement to provide information that is not already in the public domain, however the EFL would ask clubs to look favourably on reasonable requests that will aid informed discussion of the matters at hand.”

We would ask that the EPL give consideration to providing similar guidance to their clubs.  The Leagues may also wish to revisit the EWG recommendation that clubs look into providing a suitable template containing standardised minimum levels of information to be shared with supporters before meetings.

We would ask that supporters are also proactive in requesting the information they are seeking to inform agenda items.  To help with this, Supporters Direct has recently published guidance for clubs and supporters designed to help promote good practice with regard to engagement.  It can be viewed here https://supporters-direct.org/assets/media/articleFiles/file-yksdlGdIrYMO.pdf

Finally on this subject, while it has been useful to get separate feedback from the Leagues and supporter organisations, going forward we would expect there to be a more joined up approach when it comes to surveying results.

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