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Interviene anche la Football Supporters' Federation sul caso caro-biglietti tra Siviglia e Manchester United, la federazione dei tifosi inglesi sottolinea come il curioso scambio di rappresaglie tra i due club per i prezzi dei ticket per i prossimi match di UEFA Champions League abbia nuovamente messo in evidenza la necessità di una revisione delle regole sul ticketing da parte della UEFA e della necessità di un meccanismo di incentivo per favorire accordi reciproci che tutelino i tifosi in trasferta, vittime finali delle scaramucce tra club.

La storia: il Siviglia fissa prezzi fuori dal normale per i 2.650 posti a disposizione dei tifosi dei Red Devils in trasferta al Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, i costi esorbitanti, quasi 100 sterline a biglietto, scatenano le proteste dei supporters del Manchester che contattano la propria società chiedendo un intervento(qui dettagli).

Dagli scambi tra i due club non emerge una soluzione e in rappresaglia il Manchester United alza il prezzo per i tifosi del Siviglia per la gara di ritorno all'Old Trafford, l'extra ricavato rispetto al prezzo precedente, circa 35 sterline, sarà usato per rimborsare parte dei costi dei propri tifosi nella trasferta spagnola(qui dettagli). Segue analoga decisione del Siviglia che annuncia anch'essa un sussidio ai propri supporters, risultato finale le maggiorazioni di prezzo si annullano ed emerge la scarsa adeguatezza delle regole che disciplinano il ticketing per i match europei(come accaduto di recente anche ai tifosi del Bayern Monaco, qui e qui dettagli).

Di seguito le parole portavoce della Football Supporters' Federation al The Independent e il comunicato del Manchester United Supporters Trust affine al punto di vista del network dei tifosi inglesi:

“Manchester United fans will be pleased to hear that the club has fought their corner in relation to the extortionate £89 prices which Sevilla have set.

“That Sevilla thought they could get away with this in the first place highlights the weakness of Uefa’s rules which are meant to protect away fans.

“Uefa need to step in and revise those rules now so that innocent fans are not caught in the crossfire between clubs. Spanish fans no more set their club’s prices than British fans set their club’s pricing – supporters are collateral damage in this instance.

“Sevilla have it within their power to fix this mess by reducing tickets costs for visiting fans in which case Manchester United would be expected to reciprocate.”


When Sevilla sought to exploit United's loyal European away support by announcing a ticket price of £89 (100€) for the forthcoming Champions League match in their city, M.U.S.T asked United to challenge this on behalf of our supporters. We've become all too accustomed to high ticket prices but a 67% hike on what they charged Liverpool supporters in the Group Stages was an outrage. We have subsequently maintained a dialogue with the Club during their protracted negotiations to secure fair pricing for both ties.

We wholeheartedly welcome today’s announcement that our tickets will now be subsidised to £54 (comparable to the Liverpool price), paid for by United applying the same 100€ price for Sevilla supporters in the return leg. £54 is still not cheap but the Club's decisive action is to be applauded as is their commitment to donate any remaining surplus to charity so that they do not profit from the increase in prices for innocent Sevilla fans. We would like to pass on the collective appreciation of our supporters to club officials who have secured this, echoing what many have already said today on social media.

Our only initial regret regarding the solution, which was announced this morning, was that Sevilla’s own travelling supporters would effectively be the ones who were paying for our subsidy and their own club's greed. Many of them had already expressed their support for us and disdain for their own club’s actions when the original price was announced. We are therefore delighted that Sevilla have now been forced into a humiliating climb down from their previously intransigent position.

This afternoon they announced a reciprocal subsidy for their own supporters to match that made by United for our fans. Effectively it makes their initial price hike meaningless. Farcical behaviour by the Spanish club and announced through a truly cringeworthy statement, which accepted no fault on their part, but rather tried to lay the blame on MUFC making a complaint to UEFA about our price hike and the size of their away allocation! We must leave it to Sevilla supporters now to ask their club whether any surplus they make is donated to charity.

This sorry saga has brought into focus the inadequacy of the current UEFA Regulations that, in principle, require comparable pricing for home and away sections, but in practice can be manipulated, as Sevilla and others have tried to do. United supporters have been similarly exploited in recent years by Midtjylland (Denmark) and Atletico Bilbao. Other European clubs with a large support have also been targeted, most recently with Bayern Munich and PSG being charged 100€ by Anderlecht.

The root cause of this problem has to be addressed. In addition to our dialogue with United, M.U.S.T is now engaging with fellow Supporter Groups, in England and across Europe, to lobby their clubs and UEFA on this issue. We hope that the extreme but necessary measures that our club have taken, on our behalf, on this occasion will not be required in the future

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