» » » » » » » » » » » Blackpool Supporters Trust, petizione al Governo inglese per la creazione di un organismo di controllo indipendente sui proprietari dei club

Dopo l'annuncio della manifestazione di protesta sotto la sede di Preston della English Football League (EFL) programmata per il 2 marzo(qui dettagli), la tifoseria Blackpool FC guidata dall'iniziativa del Blackpool Supporters Trust(BST) e dal gruppo Tangerine Knights ha lanciato una petizione rivolta al Governo inglese per chiedere un intervento nei processi di regolazione e controllo delle proprietà dei club di calcio.

Scopo dell'appello è quello di trovare una via alternativa per sviluppare uno nuovo sistema di verifiche al fine di sopperire alle lacune mostrate dalle norme delle leghe professionistiche, e dall'inerzia dei controllori, che hanno consentito casi di pessima gestione nonostante l'inadeguatezza dei gestori fosse conclamata.

I tifosi chiedono la creazione su impulso governativo di un organismo di controllo indipendente, come da tempo il tifo organizzato chiede trasversalmente(qui dettagli), che garantisca degli standard etici e gestionali più elevati(qui e qui dettagli) rispetto alle attuali norme che disciplinano l'owners fit and proper test che non sono state in grado di far fronte a casi come quelli vissuti dalla tifoseria del Blackpool(qui dettagli), come anche da quelle di Coventry City(qui dettagli), Blackburn Rovers(qui dettagli), Charlton Athletic(qui dettagli), Hull City(qui dettagli) e altra ancora, che si ritroveranno unite nella prossima marcia pacifica di protesta(qui dettagli).

The Blackpool Supporters Trust (BST) have been lobbying the English Football League (EFL) over a long period about the conduct of the Oyston family, who are current owners of Blackpool Football Club. BST have pointed to a litany of mismanagement including the systematic removal of funding from the football club and, latterly, the Oyston's appetite for litigating against supporters who criticise them in public. The English Football League (EFL) have constantly failed to act, arguing that the matters of concern raised lay beyond their powers to do so. Recent lobbying by BST has been met with platitudes and excuses.

On 6 November 2017, the High Court found in favour of Mr Valeri Belokon, a minority shareholder in the club, who successfully argued that he had suffered prejudice at the hands of the Oystons during their business relationship.

In a damning judgement, Judge Marcus Smith condemned the Oystons as unreliable witnesses who had removed over £26 million from the club for non-footballing purposes after its one year in the Premier League in 2010-11.

Blackpool FC has become a by-word in the football community for mismanagement and crisis, and yet after a period several years, nothing has been done. The EFL shows no sign that it understands what its leadership role in this area should be, and as it clearly can’t - or won’t - rise to the challenge, then we feel that the Government must step in to lead the process of fundamental reform that is clearly needed.

Football clubs are too precious, and too much a part of the fabric of our national life, to be left to the mercy of unregulated and often unscrupulous ownership. They need the protection of a robust regulatory framework that offers a range of sanctions against wrongdoers, mechanisms that allow problems to be confronted before they become deep-rooted and a governing body that has the desire to use it.

- If you think that the Government should take ownership of this issue away from the EFL ; and

- If you think the Government should begin a process of complete regulatory overhaul

The petition has been reviewed by the government's e-Petition team and approved. The link to sign is shown below. Today, it is Blackpool FC. Help us get action now to avoid it ever being your club.

Link to petition: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/213108

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