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Di seguito l'appello del Lowestoft Town FC, che la scorsa settimana ha pubblicamente palesato evidenti problemi societari legati alla mancanza di risorse economiche(qui dettagli), per la campagna di crowdfunding lanciata in questi giorni per raccogliere nuovi fondi per salvare il club.


Lowestoft Town FC means so much in many ways for us all We are a community based family friendly non league club 

This is the official go fund me page to help save our club!!

For well over a century, Lowestoft Town FC has been a pillar for the local community.
It has given the town highs and lows on and off the pitch, not forgetting a memorable day out at Wembley.

Now the club is having financial issues and its our turn to help them. Let's not become the latest non league fatality. Lowestoft FC is more than a football club.

It's an identity for the town and has hosted and helped many charities and citizens over the years.
For young and old and our community need our club to survive for our town. Lets save OUR Lowestoft Town FC.

All donations however small count our aim is to raise £50k now!!! We will be having a further update on actual funds needed  to rebuild and restructure our club  for long term we need to provide solid buisness foundations so this won't happen again.

PLEASE PLEASE  help us to help our club all our supporters are fantastic but we now need the community behind us fully many thanks. Helen Nixon

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