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Aperte le registrazioni fino al 5 luglio per il Summer Network Meeting della Football Supporters Europe(FSE), meeting annuale del network dei tifosi di calcio d'Europa(qui dettagli), che per l'edizione 2018 si terrà in Spagna nella cittadina di Gijón, dal 19 al 22 luglio, ospitato dal Community Club locale U.C. Ceares(Video).


As announced in March, the 2nd FSE Summer Network Meeting will take place in Gijón / Spain.
Registrations are open now and will be possible until 5 July 2018.

From 19 to 22 July 2018, Football Supporters Europe (FSE) will gather in the Asturian seaside resort. Register now and start planning your trip to enjoy a weekend in the sun at the Gulf of Biscaya - and meet fan activists from the FSE network and beyond. Our hosts will be UNIPES, the second largest coordination of Peñas in Gijón, with 42 member organisations and long-term FSE members FASFE, one of the main umbrella organisations in Spain.

Thankfully, our hosts created a website where you can find all relevant information needed. Just follow this link where you will also find the registration form.

Since 2015 and the establishment of a biennial Congress, members of Football Supporters Europe are gathering every other year for an event organised by the membership and supported by FSE. The format of the Summer Network Meeting is open, local hosts having all liberties in the organisation. The programme should just offer sufficient room for discussions on the most pressing topics for European football fans at the moment.

Draft programme
The general focus of the programme will be on policing and security-related issues. FSE currently is liaising with the organizing groups in Spain to elaborate the different topics. Below you can find the draft programme of the meeting.

Thursday 19 July
Welcome event at local fan owned club U.C. Ceares

Friday 20 and Saturday 21 July
Workshops (TBC) :
o Good policing
o SLO - How to successfully implement it in Spain
o Sports Law reform in Spain, European examples
o Away ends.
Minimum requirements, decent standards
o Fan culture. Conflicts with new regulations
o Access for fans with disabilities

Sunday 22 July
Farewell party
We are looking forward to seeing you in Gijón.

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