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Da ieri negli stores e sul sito di e-commerce dell'Heart of Midlothian FC è in vendita la maglia celebrativa dedicata agli oltre 8.000 supporters della Foundation of Hearts che 2014 hanno contribuito a salvare la società scozzese dal possibile fallimento(qui storia).

Le dichiarazioni di Ann Budge, presidente dell'Heart of Midlothian FC e di Brian Cormack della Foundation of Hearts(FOH) in occasione della presentazione lo scorso Settembre(qui dettagli):

Ann Budge
“Everyone here at the club, who has been involved in producing this amazing shirt, is thrilled with the final product. This has been another real team effort between the club and FoH and we were delighted to work together to produce something which truly recognises the contribution made by the pledgers. This is a real win, win, win!”

Brian Cormack
This is an immensely proud and emotional moment for everyone associated with the Foundation of Hearts, and we are absolutely delighted to see this project come to fruition.

"The shirt does not just feature a list of fans' names; it pays fitting tribute to the 8,000 and more supporters who have together saved this great club.

"Their extraordinary achievement - and the legacy that they are passing on - is to have kept the Hearts beating, and the jersey is a very appropriate way to mark their accomplishment.

"We would like to make special mention of Dougie Masterton, a former director of the Foundation, whose idea this was. Above all, we'd like to thank the club for turning this idea into reality and for making this the official third strip for the team. Players and fans can now wear this very special jersey with real pride."

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Posted by Foundation of Hearts on Venerdì 20 novembre 2015

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