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Dall'ultimo incontro del gruppo 'Hammers Supporters Club' del 10 ottobre è partito il primo passo per la consultazione tra tifosi per la creazione di una entità indipendente che raccolga la voce dei supporters del West Ham United Football Club.

Le recenti problematiche con l'Olympic Stadium hanno spinto la tifoseria degli Hammers, l'unica di tutta la Premier League a non avere un'associazione di tifosi indipendente, ad iniziare un percorso di coinvolgimento e partecipazione per portare le istanze dei supporters al board della società inglese.

Nel corso delle prossime settimane saranno raccolti suggerimenti e nell'open meeting programmato per il 22 ottobre saranno presentati i progressi e le linee di azione che guideranno la realizzazione del progetto. Di seguito il comunicato da claretandhugh.info

West Ham Supporters Trust Update

There was broad agreement to work to two aims –

1. Secure the future of the Hammers Supporters Club (HSC), recruiting new members and seeking new premises closer to the stadium.

2. Set up an Independent Supporters Association (ISA) or Trust with a large membership to act as voice of the fans and influence the club on issues which affect us – maybe a Trust to lead on from ISA as being a legal entity it takes longer to set up.

Before it can be taken much further the Hammers Supporters Club have to decide whether they want to expand to accommodate the second of these aims, bringing in new people and structure alongside their existing committee, and it would need to be considered whether a change of name is required.

The meeting was very positive and has laid a firm foundation for a voice for the fans to be heard. Details of those present have been collated to form a group to work over the next 2 weeks to take forward the above aims. Further details will be posted on this and other sites while there is a dedicated thread on Kumb.com. Any ideas / suggestions are all welcome.

As mentioned such efforts have been made in the past to set up an association / trust. The meeting on Saturday was not to re-invent the wheel and help has been offered with regard to previous efforts / advice and so on. This is very much appreciated and a united front is important for this to move forward.

If we can help each other we will succeed.

Thanks to representatives of the Hammers Social Club who hosted and spoke at the meeting and thanks to all who attended especially a gentleman who travelled down from Yorkshire. A number of people were unable to make due to short notice. The next has been scheduled for those to attend. It is Saturday 22nd October at the Hammers Social Club. The HSC will be open from 11am with the meeting to start at 12 noon finishing in time for us to get to the OS for the Sunderland match.

After the next meeting on the 22nd we should be in a better position to give firm feedback on the shape of the organisation(s) and will set up or modify a website to take membership.

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