» » » » » » Swindon Town FC, il Trust STFC pronto ad una nuova offerta per l'acquisto del Country Ground

Attesi degli sviluppi interessanti per il Trust STFC, il Supporters Trust dello Swindon Town FC, dopo aver lanciato una proposta di acquisto dello stadio Country Ground lo scorso Marzo 2017(qui dettagli), l'associazione di tifosi, secondo quanto riporta un'intervista sullo Swindon Advertiser, è vicina ad ottenere un periodo di esclusiva per contrattare con lo Swindon Council la cessione dell'asset.

La prima offerta presentata, pari a 1,1 milioni di sterline, è stata rigettata con il comune che ha fatto intendere di essere disposto a trattare solo sulla base di almeno 2 milioni, cifra che il presidente del Trust STFC, a commento della trattativa, sembra considerare raggiungibile attraverso diverse forme di finanziamento, tra cui anche un piano di Community Share(azionariato popolare) per raccogliere una parte delle risorse necessarie.

 “People are probably wondering what we’re doing but it’s been busier than ever since March, when we started talking about this,’’

“We’ve been having meetings pretty much continually throughout that time. It’s been a hell of a lot of work.

“The proposals we put into the council were really detailed and really thorough and we did all the due diligence we needed to do.

“I’m really confident we know what we’re doing. It’s just a question of following that council process and getting the nod from our perspective.’’ Mytton now believes the plans have accelerated, with the starting gun on a concerted period of fundraising on the verge of being fired.

“We made the first offer (to the council) and now, essentially, the council have done a valuation on it (the County Ground).

“We’ve matched their valuation and we’ve been keen to get going, but there is a due process that has to be followed.

“We’re hoping we can get the nod in December. We’re looking for a period of exclusivity from the council to do our fundraising.

“They will say, ‘go off and raise your money and if you hit your target, then it’s a deal.’ “We’ve had some really good chats with them and it’s just trying to get it over the line, really.’’

“It hasn’t impacted us at all. We haven’t had any contact with the club, we’ve just carried on about our business.

“We’ve got a commitment to our members to keep moving on, always with an angle of what’s best for the fans and what’s best for the club.

“Back in March we talked about the “Let’s Work Together” initiative and in our view, supporters owning the stadium would be a win-win for everyone.

“If the fans can own, look after and improve the stadium, that leaves the club to focus and invest in the thing that matters, getting us back up the leagues.

“We’ve already been involved in some very exciting conversations about realistic stadium development possibilities, things that would benefit everyone, football fan or not. Who knows what the knock-on effect might be if we achieve our goal, we want a catalyst for improvements to the whole Town.”

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