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Il resoconto del meeting di fine 2017 tra le rappresentative dei tifosi inglesi, la Football Supporters Federation(FSF) e Supporters Direct UK(SDUK), con i delegati della English Football League(EFL), che comprende i club di Championship, League One e League Two, in merito ai risultati conseguiti nell'ambito dei nuovi programmi di Fan-engagement e 'dialogo strutturato'(qui approfondimento e Video1,Video2).

L'incontro rientra, come quello che si è tenuto con la Premier League(qui e qui dettagli), in un più ampio percorso condiviso attivo dal 2014 tra le rappresentative nazionali dei supporters, i club di riferimento e le istituzioni governative e sportive(qui dettagli) che ha visto la partecipazione e i contributi di decine di associazioni di tifosi(Supporters trusts) del Regno Unito(qui dettagli).

Altro su Supporters Liaison Officer(SLO) & Dialogo strutturato

A total of 70% of clubs reported that they had exceeded the minimum requirements of two meetings within the season, some holding in excess of five meetings. It was reported that nearly half of all meetings were attended by at least one owner, chairman or director. Most supporters were invited to attend via established supporter groups, though they were often advertised as open to all supporters.

Issues discussed at club meetings/forums (in descending order) were ticketing matters, followed by playing squad, fan engagement, stadium, and ownership issues. Andy Pomfret(AP) went into some detail on the areas discussed. He confirmed that there has been a renewed focus at many clubs and they were now planning for enhanced engagement with fans going forward on various topics e.g. ticket pricing, fan engagement etc. Clubs had also reported that it was very often the fans themselves that set the agenda for their meetings.

AP stated that many clubs were keen to point out that they were well-versed in meeting fans and carrying out this level of fan engagement, and had been for a number of years. It’s been a very encouraging first year – JN added that the EFL was very pleased with the number of owners who have been involved in the supporter engagement sessions.

Following discussion regarding club compliance with the regulatory requirements, the EFL suggested that if the FSF have tangible evidence that clubs are not complying with the regulations they should forward it to the EFL for consideration. MR clarified that if a breach of regulation took place, the Executive would treat it the same as any other regulation.

AP summarised that the EFL are currently looking at as many ways possible to share best practice for clubs e.g. SLO seminar, Club Comms seminar and inevitably there would be learning from year one we can consider. MR confirmed that at the next Support Engagement meeting, the EFL will share a selection of the case studies with attendees.

John Nagle(JN) asked Supporters Direct to confirm whether they had met their commitments to the Expert Working Group in the same way the EFL had given that it was nearly two years since its conclusion. Ashley Brown(AB) confirmed that it was seeking to do so by the end of the current season.

AP went on to share a brief overview on the Away Fans Project for 2017/18 season. The EFL are midway through year two and he confirmed that clear opportunities are emerging for away fans, most notably on social media and in-stadia engagement. The EFL is looking at ways in which we can further encourage clubs by recognising those that are doing particularly well in this area. AP briefly spoke about the Sky Bet ‘Away Days’ campaign and how they are working with the EFL to look at ways to enhance the away day experience for fans.

AP confirmed that Sky Bet have gone direct to clubs and fans to ask for feedback on their away experiences and areas that they believe could be a focus for the campaign. Following a request for contact details at Sky Bet, MR and AP confirmed they would provide Sky Bet PR contact details.
AP went on to give an update on SLO activity for this season, confirming the aim to raise the profile of the work of SLOs across the EFL Following a discussion on application of the regulation regarding SLOs, how they are recruited and fulfil their role, AP reiterated that, aside from complying with the regulation, there has to be some flexibility for clubs in how they approach and recruit for the position. Ultimately the regulations set out the minimum requirements, not provide the full scope. However further EFL best practice and guidance will be issued to clubs this season with regards to the development of the SLO role.

Mark Rowan(MR) and JN also confirmed that the EFL will take all feedback on board and look into the wording of the regulation to determine if there is any unhelpful ambiguity.

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