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Nell'ambito del secondo aggiornamento - dedicato ai temi del Fan-engagement e 'dialogo strutturato'- del gruppo di lavoro governativo, Football Expert Working Group(qui dettagli), è stata pubblicata la relazione finale sulle misure messe  in atto nel passato campionato da tutti i club della Premier League per adeguarsi alle nuove direttive in materia di relazione con i tifosi(qui approfondimento e Video1,Video2).

Le nuove norme attive dalla stagione 2016/17 sono frutto del lavoro di un tavolo condiviso attivo dal 2014 tra le rappresentative nazionali dei supporters, Football Supporters Federation(FSF) e Supporters Direct UK(SDUK), i club di riferimento e le istituzioni governative e sportive(qui dettagli) e che ha visto la partecipazione e i contributi di decine di associazioni di tifosi(Supporters trusts) del Regno Unito(qui dettagli).

Supporter Engagement at Premier League Clubs(LINK)

AFC Bournemouth
Trust Board meetings
The club meets twice each year with its Supporters Trust Board. Meetings are attended by the Chairman, Chief Executive and other senior staff members. Fan representatives are selected by the Supporters Trust. Minutes are published and the most recent meeting was held in March 2017. http://www.cherriestrust.co.uk/cherries-trust-afc-bournemouth-meeting-132017/

Fan Focus Group
A Fan Focus Group meets quarterly with the club’s General Manager and Supporter Liaison Officer. They work in partnership on areas of interest (e.g. ticketing, travel and matchday experience). Updates are published fortnightly by the Supporter Liaison Officer, via a ‘Supporter Liaison’ section on the official club website.

Supporters Forum
Three or four meetings are held each year, attended by the Chief Executive, Communications Director and other senior staff. There are 17 supporters, representing various supporter’s clubs and demographic categories, plus other special interest groups. The last meeting was held in April, and minutes are published in the Fans section of the official club website. https://www.arsenal.com/fanzone/supporters-forum

Arsenal’s Annual General Meeting is attended by the club’s board of directors and around 200 shareholders. The meeting concludes with questions from the floor. https://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20161024/annual-general-meeting-held-at-emirates

Brighton & Hove Albion
Fans Forum The club hosts a pre-season Fans Forum, attended by the Chairman, Chief Executive and up to 500 supporters. The event is broadcast live by BBC Sussex and on the club’s official YouTube channel. Questions are taken from the floor. https://www.brightonandhovealbion.com/news/2017/august/watch-albion-fans-forum-live/

Supporters Clubs
The Chief Executive and other key staff also attend meetings with regional supporter’s clubs, ordinarily at a venue of their choosing. A supporter’s club meeting is arranged quarterly, and in addition Supporters Clubs are offered to opportunity to use the Amex Stadium for their own AGM.

Alliance Committee
The committee is long-established and has met regularly with the club for over 10 years. There are five regular fan representatives, including one from the Supporters Trust. Meetings are held on a bimonthly basis and are attended by the club’s Chief Executive and Head of Football & Governance.

Supporters Group In partnership with the current fan representatives, the club has been working to transition a recently established forum into a group with a broader remit. The Supporters Ticket Forum was created in 2016 and the group’s 24 fan representatives meet with senior club staff, including the Chief Executive, on a bi-monthly basis. The last meeting was held in June, with minutes shared among representatives. The Premier League expects to be updated on the expanded terms of reference in the coming months.

Fans’ Forum
The Fan’s Forum is a body of elected fans and senior club staff. Permanent members include the Finance and Operations Director and the Head of Communications and Public Affairs. Meetings are also attended periodically by the Chairman and other directors. There are currently 18 elected supporter’s representatives.

he group meets three times per season to discuss and debate club matters. The club promote the Fans’ Forum on its official website, where meeting minutes are also published.

The club also hold two formal meetings each season with CDSA, its disabled supporters’ association.

Crystal Palace
Supporters Trust
Crystal Palace hold regular meetings with the club’s Supporters Trust. Monthly catch-ups are scheduled, commonly between two Trust representatives and the Club’s Chief Executive and Head of Customer Service. Minutes of the larger meetings are published by the Trust. http://palacetrust.org.uk/2017/05/10/cpst-meets-with-cpfc-9-may/

The club also meet on an ad-hoc basis with other supporter’s clubs. In June 2017, the club and Trust representatives discussing merging existing supporter groups into a Fan Council. Details are currently being considered by all parties and will be discussed in more detail at future meetings.

Fans’ Forum
During the season the Forum meets with senior club staff on a monthly basis. There are currently 16 places held by supporters, each elected to represent a cross section of the fanbase. The club representatives are led by the Director of Communications and Marketing, and the Chief Executive also attends meetings on a regular basis.
Meeting minutes are posted on a dedicated section of the official club website. Updates are also provided of other linked club initiatives, including the Junior Fans Forum and the Fans Panel. http://www.evertonfc.com/content/fans/fans-forum

Huddersfield Town
Altogether Town Forum
The Forum meets on a quarterly basis, and is attended by 16 fan representatives, including at least three delegates from the Supporters Trust. Meetings are also attended by the club’s Chief Executive and other senior staff. The independent Supporter Liaison Officer also attends. Meeting summaries are published by the club on its official website.

Leicester City
Fans Consultative
Committee Quarterly committee meetings are attended by 24 fan representatives and attended by the club Chief Executive, Legal Counsel and other senior staff. Supporters are selected to represent different demographic and regional groups, including a member of the Supporters Trust.

Meeting minutes are published by the Trust, and moving forward will also be placed on the club’s official website.

Supporters Committee (now amended)
The committee consisted of 12 members, who represented the major constituencies of the club’s fanbase. A minimum of three meetings were held each season, attended by the Chief Executive, Communications Director and other senior staff. A dedicated section on the official club website contained terms of reference, contact details and an archive of meeting minutes. http://www.liverpoolfc.com/fans/supporters-committee/supporters-committee-home

Fan Forums
In August 2017, the club announced plans to introduce five fan forums, each consisting of 8 – 12 members, including a representative from the Supporters Trust.

The forums will cover Ticket Prices, Ticket Availability, Stadium, Local Supporter Engagement and Equality and Diversity.

An application process has commenced and the first forum meetings are set to take place in September. 

Manchester City
The official supporters club host branch and executive committee meetings at the club’s Etihad Campus. Meetings are attended by the club’s Head of Supporter Services. Other club staff are selected to reflect the topics on the agenda, which is finalised by the supporter’s club representatives ahead of each meeting. Minutes are produced by the supporter’s club. http://mcfcsupportersclub.co.uk/join-the-supporters-club/

The club meet with disabled supporters’ association and post updates on its website. https://www.mcdsa.co.uk/forum/

Q&A sessions are incorporated into a large scale annual club event, Cityzens Weekend, held annually during the pre-season. 

The club has pioneered an online community, Cityzens Voice, which provides a focal point for domestic and international members and contains discussions boards. These are used directly by the club to gather feedback on specific topics. Members can also use Ciztyens Voice as a platform to raise subjects and invite contributions from fellow members or club representatives.

Manchester United
Fans Forum
The Forum is attended by 14 fan representatives and senior club staff, including the Group Managing Director, Venues, and Communications Directors. Fan representatives are selected from applicants to reflect different categories of the fanbase. Meetings are held quarterly and minutes are published on the official club website.

Newcastle United
Fans’ Forum
The Forum meet quarterly and includes 16 fan representatives, most of whom are randomly drawn from applicants who meet the criteria for each category. Four groups have permanent representation on the Forum, including the Supporters Trust and the Disabled Supporters Association.

The club are represented by the Managing Director, Head of Marketing & Communications and other senior staff members.

Updates, including detailed meeting minutes, are contained in a dedicated section of the club’s official website.

Fans’ Forum
An annual forum is held at the club, and open for up to 500 fans to attend. The panel includes the club’s Chairman, Vice-Chair, Managing Director and First Team Manager. The event uses a Q&A format and is broadcast live by BBC Radio Solent and by the club on its official YouTube channel. The next forum is scheduled for October 2017.

The club have met with the Football Supporters Federation and their own club representative at Premier League Structured Dialogue sessions, in order to discuss the creation of a smaller fan council or focus group.

The initiative will be discussed in more detail at October’s larger Q&A event. The club meets on a bi-monthly basis with its disabled supporters’ association.

Stoke City
Supporters Council
The Council meet at least three times each year, and comprises 21 fan representatives and club staff, including the Chief Executive.
All supporters on the Council are democratically elected and take up either general seats, specialist seats, or one of the seats reserved for representatives of larger supporters’ clubs.
The club promote the Council through a dedicated section on its official website. It includes the terms of reference, latest news and meeting minutes.

Swansea City
Supporters Trust
The Swansea City Supporters Society owns 21% of the club and therefore has a significant say in how it is run. Elected supporters run the trust and make up the trust board. There are 11 supporter members, each of whom serves for a maximum of two years. They include a Supporter Director, who represents the trust at shareholder meetings.

The trust publishes updates, including board meeting minutes, on its own website. Information on the role of the trust is also published on the club’s official website.

Tottenham Hotspur
Supporters Trust
The Supporters Trust and club hold a minimum of three ‘board-to-board’ meetings each year. They are attended by trust representatives, plus the club Chief Executive and other senior staff.
Meeting minutes are published on the trust’s website.

At Our Place and At Your Place
The club hold a series of forums at Vicarage Road (At Our Place) and on the road in various areas of the south-east (At Your Place). They are open forums, always attended by the club Chief Executive, that use a Q&A format. Records of attendees are kept, and the club publishes summaries of larger meetings on its official website.

Supporters Speak Group
A forum of 15 volunteer supporters who meet with senior club management on a bi-monthly basis. Watford Enables Watford Enables, the disabled supporters’ association, meet with the senior club management on a quarterly basis. Meeting minutes are published on the group’s website. http://www.wfcenables.co.uk/

Supporters Trust
The club meet directly with its Supporters Trust, who then post meeting minutes on their website. http://watfordsupporterstrust.co.uk/

West Bromwich Albion
Albion Assembly
The Assembly meets with senior club staff, including the Chief Executive, on a quarterly basis. An average of 30 – 40 fans attend each session, drawn from a list of interested supporters that represent different categories of fans.
A supporter representative co-chairs the group alongside the Director of Communications, and assists with recruitment and selection of new members.
A junior assembly has been added to canvass the views of younger fans, aged between 14 – 18. The club promotes the work of the Assembly, and publish meeting minutes, in a dedicated section if its official website. 

West Ham
United Supporter Advisory Board
The board meets two or three times each year and is attended by the club’s Vice Chair and other senior staff members. There are 25 places for supporters, and an independent panel reviews new applicants each season to ensure the board is representatives.
A Disabled Supporters Advisory Board with 16 members meets with the club, using similar terms of reference.

The work of both is promoted on the club’s official website, along with meeting minutes. http://www.whufc.com/fans/supporter-consultation

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