» » » » » » » » » » » » Everton FC, Dan Meis: 'Stiamo pianificando come creare un settore sul modello del Muro Giallo del Borussia Dortmund per il nuovo stadio a Bramley-Moore Dock

Emergono alcuni dettagli sugli interni del progetto del nuovo stadio dell'Everton FC a Bramley-Moore Dock. Dalle slide illustrate in occasione del primo di quattro workshop aperti ai tifosi che hanno preso parte la processo di consultazione lanciato dal club(qui dettagli), la futura nuova tribuna(south stand) dedicata alla frangia più calda del tifo potrebbe comprendere una standing area sul modello del Muro Giallo del Borussia Dortmund(Video).

Come riporta il Liverpool Echo a dare alcuni ulteriori accenni sulla possibilità, a corredo delle slide di presentazione del progetto che indicano un settore dai 12.000 ai 15.000 con spalti in piedi con rail seats, l'architetto americano Dan Meis, coinvolto anche nel progetto dello Stadio della Roma(dove era stato fatto un annuncio simile, qui, poi scomparso dal radar..), che ha riferito nel corso del meeting alla presenza di circa 150 supporters:

“We're planning on creating a very large home end in the south stand of the stadium which should be similar to Dortmund's 'Yellow Wall.'

“Depending on the final stadium capacity, the stand will hold 12,000-15,000 fans and we also want to include a concourse that will look back at the city, immediately by the home end that would be very cool.”

Architect Dan Meis has conducted the first in a series of fan workshops with Evertonians.

Meis, the Founder and Managing Principal of MEIS, emphasised in the opening workshop his desire to create the “greatest home ground in English football” at Bramley-Moore Dock.

The workshop – held at St Luke’s Church on Goodison Road – was attended by more than 150 Evertonians. The first in a series of four workshops, all fans who completed the Club's survey on the 11 Key Principles for Bramley-Moore Dock were afforded an opportunity to complete an application to attend.

Meis highlighted the importance of consulting with supporters regarding the design of Everton’s new home, describing their love and passion for the Club as “infectious”. During the session he shared details of how feedback from fans was influencing the ongoing work on the stadium design – as well as sharing cross-sections of early stand designs.

As well as thanking the supporters present at St Luke’s, Meis also expressed gratitude to the thousands of Evertonians who completed online surveys focused on the ’11 Key Principles’ for the new development. Fans were able to rank the importance of the each of the Principles, as well as provide feedback regarding stadium design.

Key areas focused on at the workshop included Everton’s commitment to make the new stadium a “fortress” – retaining and amplifying Goodison Park’s intimacy and atmosphere.

Meis discussed the importance of getting fans as close to the action as possible and compared the seating plans for Bramley-Moore Dock to other stadium developments across the country.

In a wide-ranging workshop, initial designs of the stands were also explained. Meis set out in detail how the stadium will provide a perfect environment for supporters to create a cauldron of noise. It was also illustrated why a ‘north-south’ orientation for the stadium is preferred.

As Everton aim to provide an unrivalled matchday experience, Meis detailed the scale of the Club’s potential new fanzone. The good transport links and accessibility the new stadium offers were also highlighted.

Meis explained the steps the Club will take to retain and enhance the rich heritage around the Dock area, while maximising the unique setting to create an awe-inspiring new destination close to the heart of the city.

He also reaffirmed Everton’s commitment to leave a legacy at the Goodison Park site, providing sustainability for businesses and residents for generations to come. It was added that further consultation with fans and residents will follow.

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