» » » » » » » Aston Villa FC, le preoccupazioni dell'Aston Villa Supporters Trust sulla situazione della società aumentano dopo il mancato pagamento di 4 milioni di sterline di tasse. 'Pronti a sostenere il club'

Dopo le preoccupazioni manifestate sulla situazione economica del club e la richiesta a Tony Xia di chiarezza nei confronti della piazza da parte dell'Aston Villa Supporters Trust(qui dettagli), gli spettri paventati dall'associazione di tifosi non hanno tardato a manifestarsi con il mancato pagamento di 4 milioni di tasse da parte del club e la successiva sospensione dell'amministratore, Keith Wyness.

L'Aston Villa Supporters Trust con un nuovo comunicato torna a chiedere alla proprietà cinese di intervenire per risolvere la situazione e per dare conto alla tifoseria della reale condizione della società. Il Supporters' Trust ha sottolineato che da parte loro non mancherà il supporto al club e che è pronto a fare la propria parte per uscire dal contesto pericolante(LINK).

What next? (Part Two)

The AVST Board love the Summer normally. It is when we get to step away from football, watch a bit of cricket and do all of the family stuff we put off for ten months each year. It hasn’t worked out like that over the last few days though…

We released a statement what seems like weeks rather than days ago now requesting that the club make clear to our members, and all supporters, what Plan B entails. We said that our support can deal with adversity as long as we know the game that is afoot. This is now reaching critical levels though.

When Keith Wyness spoke at our AGM just a few months ago he spoke of a plan being in place in the event that we were not promoted back to the Premier League. I am guessing that plan didn’t involve being belittled by our own ineptitude, him being put on the naughty step and us looking down the barrel of Administration.

We don’t know how bad the situation is or who is to blame. What we do know is that conjecture and rumour are rampant on social media. We also know that our members are worried and are hurting at some of the things flying about this week.

We can assure them that we are in contact with the club and have made a number of suggestions as to how we may be able to assist in steering the ship through these troubled waters. Our efforts will continue.

But, with this in mind, we implore AVFC to immediately give our supporters a meaningful update on the current situation. We appreciate that there might be huge concerns that are being worked on around the clock at the moment but we need to know where we stand. We can assure our members that as soon as we know what is happening we will share it with you.

Finally, and with the current predicament in mind, can I encourage our members to spread the word. Regardless of how bad Villa’s financial position may be, it is worth remembering there cannot be a sale of the ground as we had it listed as an Asset of Community Value.

This is an example of the importance of the work we do and, if you want your voice to be heard as the coming weeks play out, it is vital that we have as many members on board at AVST as possible.

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