» » » » » » » L’Aston Villa Supporters Trust accoglie positivamente la nuova proprietà e auspica l’inizio di percorso sostenibile

Dopo i problemi finanziari del mese scorso(qui e qui dettagli) che hanno portato un nuovo azionista di maggioranza alla guida dell’Aston Villa FC, con l’ingresso al 55% di Nassef Sawiris e Wes Edens, per l’apertura della nuova fase del club inglese l’Aston Villa Supporters Trust accoglie con moderata positività il nuovo corso auspicando un futuro più tranquillo e rinnovando la richiesta di un incontro formale con i vertici.


Members and supporters will no doubt be delighted to hear of the 55% investment made by Messrs Sawiris and Edens. This appears to have resolved the short-term funding issue faced by our football club.

Whilst it is acknowledged that the last two weeks must have been difficult for senior people at the club, it is disappointing that they did not respond to our request for a meeting.

Accordingly, we have repeated that request and are hopeful that on this occasion we will be able to effect a meeting to discuss the way forward. It is encouraging that in the Press Release it was stated that the owners are stewards of Aston Villa Football Club on behalf of the fans.

The new investment does not mean that there is a licence to spend money (FFP restricts that) but there must be a desire to have a period of stability and financial prudence under wise and experienced leadership. We will press for that.

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