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Le parole di Nick Hawker, presidente dell'Exeter City Supporters’ Trust, per celebrare il quindicesimo anno di attività dell'associazione di tifosi alla guida dell'Exeter City F.C. dopo averlo salvato nel 2003.
15 years and counting.......

The Supporters’ Trust have been owners of Exeter City for 15 years now and continue to play a critical role in the club’s governance and indeed, currently have four Trustees on the club board helping guide the day to day running of the club, along with specialist directors appointed by the club itself and approved by the Trust board. 

It’s been a short but incredibly busy summer and both boards should be congratulated for acting so decisively following Paul Tisdale’s departure.  As always, the Trust were fully involved in the recruitment process for his replacement and we are, of course, delighted with the outcome!  I know that Matt Taylor has impressed already by his willingness to engage with supporter groups, such as at the recent Trust fans forum.  At a supporter owned club the importance of this cannot be underestimated! 

At intervals during the season we shall be using this page to demonstrate and promote how the Trust, and its members, contribute to our club.  If you’re not a member already then please consider joining.  It costs just £2 per month, less than the cost of a cup of High Street coffee.  There are no restrictions to membership, whilst to stand for election to the Trust board you need only be over 16, with no criminal convictions or subject to bankruptcy.  There are only democratic and electoral barriers to you becoming a director at our football club.  We’re looking for members to stand as Trustees now, so if you like the idea and you’re already a member then get in touch for a nomination form (enquiries@weownexetercityfc.co.uk),if you’re not a member then you will have to join before applying (trust.membership@ecfc.co.uk)!

I’m pleased to say that the Trust will continue its sponsorship of the Exeter City Ladies team this season, and in addition, will sponsor their ‘Young Player of the Year’ award.  We wish them the very best for the coming season.   We will also be sponsoring the ‘Sporting Memories’ group as part of our commitment to the local community.  If you are interested in joining the group then please, contact pete.ferlie@ecfc.co.uk.

You can keep up to date on Trust matters through the Trust programme pages, this website (https://weownexetercityfc.co.uk), our Twitter account (@ECFCST), Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ECFCST) and our monthly newsletters. 

There’s more to come...

Nick Hawker, Trust Chairman.

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