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Dopo essere ripartito sotto il controllo dei tifosi(qui dettagli) e aver recuperato il proprio stadio la scorsa stagione(qui dettagli e Video), il Dulwich Hamlet Football Club punta ora a assicurarsi un futuro stabile al Champions Hill con una proposta presentata all'amministrazione locale per un nuovo impianto nell'area. Il video promo e le info sul progetto.

Why a successful outcome for this planning application is critical to the future of Dulwich Hamlet Football Club

DHFC has grown to become a huge community event and now welcomes crowds that often exceed 3,000 supporters but this has also meant the club has to spend a large amount of time and money on a weekly basis to ensure our aging stadium and facilities are a safe and compliant venue.

Financially this position is only tenable due to Meadow allowing DHFC to occupy the stadium on a rent-free basis and to generate our own revenue streams from the bar and catering facilities to cover those costs through to the end of the 2019/2020 season.

As a fan owned club DHFC could not afford the estimated costs of longer-term renovation (over £2 million) or the estimated costs of a replacement stadium compliant with the demands of the modern game (over £10 million). Only a new stadium at Champion Hill will allow DHFC to deliver the current standard of football to the current level of crowds and continue its work with local schools, groups and charities on a long term basis. via DHFC

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