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Dopo l'esclusione dal Bury FC dai campionati professionistici per problemi finanziari, il Supporters' Trust locale, Forever Bury, ha lanciato una raccolta fondi per consentire la rinascita del club per la prossima stagione. Obbiettivo 1 milione di sterline che saranno usate per portare avanti lo scontro legale con la precedente proprietà e per assicurare le risorse necessarie a ricostruire la società.

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

As you will have seen, the past few months have been extraordinarily difficult for everyone associated with Bury Football Club. The outpouring of support for our town has been incredibly touching, and we thank every single one of you for the messages and actions of support that we have received. Our community is grieving and will continue to grieve in the weeks and months to come.

It is an unfathomable thing for our football club to disappear overnight and has left a gaping hole in the heart of our community that will take us time to repair: this isn’t just about the 90 minutes on a Saturday afternoon, but all the friendships and connections that happen off the field too.

This repair process cannot be undertaken alone and does not exist in isolation. It is not just Bury that is under threat: football clubs across the country could face a similar fate.

Forever Bury would greatly appreciate your continued support as our town continues to heal. We cannot allow the story of Bury to fade away as the season continues. You, the wider footballing family needs to stand up and shout about what has happened over the past few months and ensure that the story of Bury FC does not become the new normal for other clubs up and down the country.

There are still serious questions to be asked of the EFL and their role in this process. However, we believe that the best option for this moment in time is to have open and positive discussions with the EFL. We are under no illusion that the football club has spent beyond its means over the last few years but punishing everyday supporters, community and local economy for something that is beyond our control is unjust.

As such, as fans of Bury FC, we would greatly appreciate it if you were to support us.  All monies donated via our GoFundMe page will be used by Forever Bury to:

1)      to pay the legal and other associated costs and charges incidental to developing a proposal which can be put to Football League to allow Bury FC to work towards re-entry to League;

2)      if necessary, to pay the legal and other associated costs and charges to challenge the decision and conduct of the English Football League;

3)      to pay the legal and other associated costs and charges incidental to working with 3rd parties in whatever way we can to rebuild Bury FC for the future; or

4)      to provide day-to-day funding for Forever Bury going forward so that Forever Bury can continue the legacy and history of Bury FC as we think appropriate and continue our campaign for reform and better regulation to ensure the sustainable future of the football community.

You can help further by signing the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/debbie-jevans-efl-efl-bring-back-bury-fc

Once more, thank you for your support in recent weeks. It has been a bright spark in a series of otherwise dark days and shows the good that our football family can do when we come together.

Kind Regards,                           
Forever Bury Supporters Trust

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