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L'assemblea del Club 1872 ha votato a larghissima maggioranza per dare mandato all'associazione di tifosi del Rangers FC per procedere all'acquisto di 2,5 milioni di azioni del Rangers International Football Club plc per un spesa di circa 500.000 sterline nell'ambito dell'aumento di capitale lanciato in questi giorni dalla società scozzese per far fronte al bilancio atteso in perdita per circa 11 milioni di sterline.

Nell'ultimo anno l'associazione di tifosi, nata da un percorso condiviso di diversi gruppi del tifo organizzato del club scozzese(qui dettagli), ha contribuito con oltre 1,5 milioni di sterline agli aumenti di capitale del club. L'acquisto, corrispondente all'1%, porta il gruppo di tifosi a 6.47% nel Rangers FC, quarto più grande azionista, dopo la precedente diluizione della propria quota nel corso della passata stagione in cui il Club 1872 deteneva oltre il 10%.

Major Share Purchase

Club 1872 is pleased to announce the result of our recent poll regarding the purchase of a further 2.5 million shares in RIFC. Members have overwhelmingly authorised the use of funds from Club 1872 Projects CIC to purchase a portion of these shares and the full purchase will now go ahead. The result of the vote was as follows:

For – 99.4%
Against – 0.6%

This purchase will mean that the combined Club 1872 shareholding will rise to 16,202,838 shares in RIFC representing 6.47% of the company. This will move Club 1872 from the 6th to the 4th largest shareholder in RIFC and increase our current percentage shareholding by 1%.

Club 1872 Director, Laura Fawkes said:
“We would like to thank all our members who made this major share purchase possible. Club 1872 has now provided £1.5m in funding directly to Rangers over the past 14 months and, in doing so, managed to maintain our position amongst the major shareholders in RIFC. This is despite the massive levels of investment into the club over the past few years from Dave King and other investors. Our aim now is to continue to grow the organisation and remain amongst the major shareholders for years to come.”
“This level of participation would not have been possible without the fantastic support of our members and we hope that this purchase can once again demonstrate the potential of Club 1872 to the wider support. We would urge supporters who have not yet signed up to Club1872 to do so and to allow us to continue to grow the supporters shareholding and contribute even more to the club in future years. We have only scratched the surface of what can be achieved for Rangers through Club 1872.”
“Club 1872 is the only viable vehicle for supporters who see the value and security which a major supporter shareholding provides for Rangers both now and in the years to come. It is also by far the best way for Rangers fans to support the club financially outside of traditional methods such as ticketing and merchandise.”

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